Rally to Protect Our Future

Today, thousands of people will be down at the Capitol calling on lawmakers to close tax loopholes to protect core services for the most vulnerable in our state. More than $12 billion have been cut from essential services over the past three years. These budget cuts mean people will go without health care, children will go to school and sit in overcrowded classrooms, seniors won’t get help with their prescriptions, and many others will suffer.

At a time when lawmakers are cutting children and schools, they are also protecting tax breaks for the rich. Right now, Washington state gives away $6.5 billion in tax breaks for special interests like private jet owners, big Wall Street banks, and elective cosmetic surgery (think botox for fun). Many of the tax breaks currently on the books haven’t been reviewed in years and it is unclear if they are producing the benefits they were intended to create for the people of Washington.

In order to protect our future, we must invest in the health and well-being of every Washingtonian. Today’s rally in Olympia is just the start. A delegation of community members and groups will be delivering a letter of demands to the Governor and Senate and House leadership urging them to close tax loopholes to promote racial and economic equity in Washington. We’ll wait for a response and in April…we’ll take to the streets! Read the Letter of Demands.


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