Day two: Tax cuts for Banks are making us sick!

People's Walk

Walkers at the cold, wet end of day 1

After a cold, rainy but inspiring first day on the road, the People’s Walk for Our Future starts day 2 this morning, April 15 by delivering a people’s tax bill to the infamous tax dodgers at Bank of America (10am at 3408 S 23rd St, Tacoma).

While working people around the country are figuring out their taxes for the year, for Bank of America, it seems that tax day never comes at all! Astonishingly, Bank of America pays $0 in taxes, and has 115 offshore tax havens. Every year, Washington State gives away hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for big Wall Street banks like Bank of America, private jet owners, elective cosmetic surgery receipients and others who have already more than recovered from the recession. Meanwhile, over 15,000 families have been kicked off Basic Health, and community clinics and schools are finding their funding slashed.

Join our People’s Walk today in Tacoma–it starts at 10am today (Friday)at the Bank of America, and ends Monday morning at the State Capitol in Olympia!


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