Day two wrapup: on the road to Olympia

Day two of the 50-mile People’s Walk For Our Future saw our group of intrepid walkers making their way through Tacoma. The epic walk, which will arrive at the State Capitol at noon Monday, carries a strong message for Washington lawmakers: a budget that cuts billions of dollars from healthcare, disability services, housing, public safety, education, and environmental protection, but leaves intact generous tax breaks for wealthy banks and corporations, is deeply immoral. It is not a budget worthy of the people of Washington State.

Emphasizing the unfairness of current budget proposals as tax day approaches, People’s Walk participants delivered a $39 billion tax bill to a Bank of America branch in Tacoma. The multi-trillion dollar bank—the nation’s largest—has taken tax dodgery to new heights by paying exactly ZERO state and federal income taxes in three out of the last four years. Yet our state legislature continues to extend BoA and other Wall Street banks some $100 million a year in tax breaks. Here’s video coverage of walk participants delivering our tax bill:

Day two wrapped up with a visit to Western State Hospital, where walk participants were joined by hospital employees who described how budget cuts to mental healthcare funding cause harm that cascades through our community. Willie Saw, a nurse who has worked at Western for 20 years, said: ” The bottom line is that cutbacks to mental health services take away essential care from our state’s most vulnerable people. Without appropriate care, people with serious mental illness are very likely to wind up on the streets, in emergency rooms or in jails.”


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