Day 5: Join us at the Capitol!

On April 18, tax day, the 50-mile People’s Walk for Our Future arrives at the Washington State Capitol to tell legislators: it is immoral to cut essential services such as healthcare, education and housing, while extending frivolous tax breaks to wealthy banks and corporations.

We will reach the Capitol steps at 11:30 and meet a group of supportive lawmakers–some of whom are backing legislation which would curb tax breaks and divert funds to support healthcare, mental health and education funding.

At noon, we will join faith leaders at the Capitol sundial, as they launch a public fast in opposition to what they, and we, term an immoral budget. From a Church Council statement:

The 2011-2013 state budget proposals create a moral crisis because they cut off thousands of children and adults from health care, severely reduce the lifeline for the poor and disabled, take away food from the most vulnerable and unravel services for seniors, while revenue options remain unexplored and corporate tax breaks continue unabated without legislative review. A budget balanced in large part on the backs of the poor is unjust.


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