The current economic crisis has led to massive job loss, home foreclosures, and cuts to education, health care, child care, and other basic services. People of color, immigrants, low-income people, and public workers are being attacked for this crisis, while big banks and corporations, the ones responsible for this mess, enjoy billions in tax giveaways.

We know right from wrong and we cannot stand by any longer in silence. We’ve rallied, marched, lobbied, and testified.  Last week in Olympia, thousands of union members, students, people of faith, immigrants, communities of color groups, and social justice advocates filled the Capitol day after day, making sure that the people’s voices are heard as the House and Senate prepare to pass a biennial budget.

Did they hear us? This week, having seen the budget proposals before the Legislature, we’re driving home the message once again–with a five-day, 50-mile walk to Olympia organized by community members,  and with a week-long fast at the Capitol led by faith leaders.

We the people demand that the Governor and the State Legislature:
1. Close corporate tax loopholes
2. Stop scapegoating our communities, people of color, immigrants, and public workers
3. Stop the cuts to critical social services
4. Create jobs


Posted March 17, 2011 by wearewashington

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