Day two wrapup: on the road to Olympia

Day two of the 50-mile People’s Walk For Our Future saw our group of intrepid walkers making their way through Tacoma. The epic walk, which will arrive at the State Capitol at noon Monday, carries a strong message for Washington lawmakers: a budget that cuts billions of dollars from healthcare, disability services, housing, public safety, education, and environmental protection, but leaves intact generous tax breaks for wealthy banks and corporations, is deeply immoral. It is not a budget worthy of the people of Washington State.

Emphasizing the unfairness of current budget proposals as tax day approaches, People’s Walk participants delivered a $39 billion tax bill to a Bank of America branch in Tacoma. The multi-trillion dollar bank—the nation’s largest—has taken tax dodgery to new heights by paying exactly ZERO state and federal income taxes in three out of the last four years. Yet our state legislature continues to extend BoA and other Wall Street banks some $100 million a year in tax breaks. Here’s video coverage of walk participants delivering our tax bill:

Day two wrapped up with a visit to Western State Hospital, where walk participants were joined by hospital employees who described how budget cuts to mental healthcare funding cause harm that cascades through our community. Willie Saw, a nurse who has worked at Western for 20 years, said: ” The bottom line is that cutbacks to mental health services take away essential care from our state’s most vulnerable people. Without appropriate care, people with serious mental illness are very likely to wind up on the streets, in emergency rooms or in jails.”


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Why we walk: Robbie Stern

Robbie Stern of the Puget Sound Alliance of Retired Americans explains why he’s taking part in the People’s Walk for Our Future.

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Day two: Tax cuts for Banks are making us sick!

People's Walk

Walkers at the cold, wet end of day 1

After a cold, rainy but inspiring first day on the road, the People’s Walk for Our Future starts day 2 this morning, April 15 by delivering a people’s tax bill to the infamous tax dodgers at Bank of America (10am at 3408 S 23rd St, Tacoma).

While working people around the country are figuring out their taxes for the year, for Bank of America, it seems that tax day never comes at all! Astonishingly, Bank of America pays $0 in taxes, and has 115 offshore tax havens. Every year, Washington State gives away hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for big Wall Street banks like Bank of America, private jet owners, elective cosmetic surgery receipients and others who have already more than recovered from the recession. Meanwhile, over 15,000 families have been kicked off Basic Health, and community clinics and schools are finding their funding slashed.

Join our People’s Walk today in Tacoma–it starts at 10am today (Friday)at the Bank of America, and ends Monday morning at the State Capitol in Olympia!

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Walking for Education funding

Kevin Knudsen is walking to Olympia with the People’s Walk to call for funding higher education. As higher ed funding slips, many would-be students are deprived of the opportunity for education. That hurts our entire community in the long term. And as Kevin points out, it’s not just education funding cuts that are selling our future short–cuts to healthcare, social services, mental health, and support for struggling families show that we’re on the wrong moral track. That’s Why We Walk.

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Why We Walk: Tom Nogler

Tom Nogler, a mental health worker at BHR (Olympia), explains why he is participating in the 50-mile, 5-day People’s Walk for Our Future Participants are walking to the State Capitol in Olympia to insist that legislators protect essential healthcare, education and social service programs by closing frivolous tax loopholes benefiting banks and wealthy corporations. Our state budget is a moral document–and should put people first!

The People’s Walk is wrapping up Day 1 with a 5:30 visit to the Eastside Community Health Center at 1708 E 44th St in Tacoma. Join us there, or join part of the walk Friday morning as we get started outside the Bank of America–noted tax dodgers!–at 3408 S. 23rd St. in Tacoma.

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Join the People’s Walk for Our Future!

This month, in response to the billions of dollars in cuts to health care, disability lifeline, housing, public safety, education, and funds to protect the environment, thousands of us occupied the Capitol, slept on the marble floors, and rallied for revenue.

From all corners of the state, and all walks of life, we made our voices heard, and challenged our political leaders to make a moral choice: protect the wealthiest in our state by continuing tax breaks for special interests or raise revenue to protect children, seniors and our communities?

Our movement is gaining momentum. This week, key legislative allies began to introduce legislation to fund basic human services by closing tax loopholes. But we must keep up the pressure. That’s why this Thursday, April 14, faith leaders, community members, and labor allies will start a People’s Walk for Our Future. Over the course of 5 days, we’re walking from Auburn to Olympia, highlighting the human impact of budget cuts, and assigning blame to the wealthy corporations whose frivolous tax breaks are draining our state’s coffers.

The People’s Walk gets started in Auburn on Thursday morning, with numerous stops over the next 5 days. Click here for the People’s Walk schedule.

Get involved! Call the People’s Walk hotline, at 206-713-5675!

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3rd Day of Protest – SEIU 1199 & 775 are in the house!

More than 1000 strong health care workers and activists took over the Capitol Building on the the 3rd day of this Week of Action. The Rotunda had turned purple!

The crowd marched from Sylvester Park, stopped by and shamed CHASE Bank, and marched onward to the Capitol. They filled the halls of the legislature building chanting:



When a crowd of 200 SEIU members marched into the Governor’s Office to demand to speak with her, they were met with 20 state patrols and some 10 people were arrested.

Stand with us! CLOSE TAX LOOPHOLES!!! 800-562-6000

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